Gym Fit me recommends personal trainers to be TRX certified and heres why

As a personal trainer, constantly seeking new techniques and tools to enhance your clients’ fitness journey is crucial to stay ahead in the industry. One such technique that is gaining immense popularity among fitness professionals is TRX Suspension Training. The TRX system utilizes suspended bodyweight exercises to build strength, stability, and flexibility. However, why should personal trainers invest their time and effort into obtaining a TRX Suspension Training Course and Certificate? Let’s delve into the numerous benefits this certification brings and why it’s worth every trainer’s consideration.

Basic non cert course

Enhanced Training Versatility

  • The TRX Suspension Training Course equips personal trainers with a wide array of exercises and variations to incorporate into their clients’ workouts
  • From beginner to advanced levels, TRX offers exercises suitable for all fitness levels, making it adaptable to diverse clientele
  • With over 300 exercises targeting various muscle groups, a TRX-certified trainer possesses a unique advantage in designing personalized programs tailored to individual needs
  • This versatility allows trainers to constantly challenge and motivate their clients, preventing workout plateaus.

Ultimate Portability

  • Unlike traditional gym equipment, the TRX Suspension Trainer is highly portable, weighing less than two pounds and easily adjustable
  • Personal trainers will appreciate the convenience of incorporating TRX workouts into any location, be it indoor or outdoor settings
  • This adaptability exponentially expands the training possibilities, capturing clients’ interest and ensuring they experience novel and engaging workouts with each session
  • By offering a refreshing change of scenery and workout environment, trainers using TRX enable their clients to remain motivated and committed to their fitness journey.

Supercharged Core Strength

  • TRX Suspension Training predominantly emphasizes core engagement throughout each exercise movement
  • The suspension aspect allows for the integration of the body’s stabilizer muscles, thereby amplifying the demand placed on the core
  • This increased core activation results in improved stability, balance, and overall functional strength
  • TRX-trained personal trainers possess the knowledge and skills to empower their clients with a strong core foundation, reaping numerous benefits in daily activities and other fitness pursuits.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

  • One of the key advantages of TRX Suspension Training is the ability to perform exercises with reduced impact on the joints
  • This makes TRX ideal for individuals recovering from injuries, seeking a safe and effective path towards rehabilitation
  • Personal trainers certified in TRX are equipped with valuable knowledge on modifying exercises to suit clients’ specific needs, ensuring a gradual and successful return to full fitness
  • Additionally, TRX plays a pivotal role in injury prevention by strengthening the body’s weak links, improving mobility, and addressing imbalances
  • By incorporating TRX into their training repertoire, personal trainers offer their clients a proactive approach to prevent injuries and maintain optimal physical health.
TRX S T C and Certificate Cost and Time

TRX S T C and Certificate Cost and Time

After completing the TRX suspension training course, you will be a qualified TRX instructor. You will receive an electronic version of your TRX qualification, which can be printed for your records and exchanged for CEC. The provider number and credit number can be found on your eligibility and redeemed on the provider’s website.


TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING COURSE or TRX STC costs a personal trainer $299.00 Purchase here

What you get with the TRX STC

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Properly perform a variety of Suspension Training exercises
  • Progress and regress exercises for all fitness levels
  • Adjust resistance and stability for all exercises
  • Cue and correct common faults
  • Correctly set up and use the TRX Suspension Trainer

And of course The TRX STC cert as a digital copy

TRX STC Cert Reviews

These Reviews were found on the TRX website and the overall rating is:

4.9 stars

out of 130 reviews.

Time of course

7-8 hour certification that takes the participant through the following:

  • An overview of suspension training
  • Proper set-up of the TRX
  • Anatomy of the straps and basic use
  • Science of adjusting stability, resistance, and program design for all fitness levels
  • 35+ exercises coached and cued based on foundational movement standards

Gym Fit Me wraps up the TRX

Obtaining a TRX Suspension Training Course and Certificate is a game-changer for personal trainers. Armed with increased training versatility, ultimate portability, supercharged core strength, and injury prevention/rehabilitation techniques, TRX-certified trainers can truly elevate their clients’ fitness experience. So, embrace the opportunity to expand your skillset and propel your career forward by enrolling in a TRX Suspension Training Course – your clients will thank you for it!

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