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Here’s your ultimate 1-hour advanced HIIT workout for maximum strength gains, designed for gym access and experienced HIIT warriors:

Warm-up (10 minutes):

  • 5 minutes light cardio (jog, elliptical, jump rope) gradually increasing intensity.
  • 5 minutes dynamic stretches with explosive movements and bodyweight exercises (jumping jacks, high knees, arm circles, leg swings).

HIIT Circuit (4 rounds, 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest):

Round 1: Compound Power

Barbell Squat to Overhead Press: Squat (heavy weight, 5 reps), explosively clean and press overhead (moderate weight, 5 reps). Keep core tight and maintain perfect form throughout.

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift to Row: Romanian Deadlift (heavy weight, 8 reps), hinge at hips, keep back flat, then row dumbbells to chest (moderate weight, 8 reps). Emphasize controlled lowering and explosive contraction.

Box Jumps with Clap Push-ups: Jump onto a sturdy box (height based on your ability), immediately follow with clap push-ups on landing (modify to regular push-ups if needed). Aim for max reps in 40 seconds.

Round 2: Unilateral Fury

Pistol Squats: Alternate legs, perform a full, controlled pistol squat on each side (bodyweight or hold light dumbbells). Focus on balance and stability as you lower and extend each leg.

Walking Lunges with Overhead Press: Walk forward with lunges, holding dumbbells overhead (moderate weight). Alternate legs each lunge, press dumbbells overhead when front leg extends. Maintain tight core and upright posture.

Single Arm Renegade Rows: Place one hand on a bench or box, other hand on the ground. Row one dumbbell towards your chest (moderate weight), return under control, then switch sides. Keep body straight and core engaged throughout.

Round 3: Metabolic Mayhem

Weighted Burpees: Add a weight vest or hold dumbbells throughout the entire burpee (jump squat, chest touch, jump back, push-up, jump up). Aim for max reps in 40 seconds.

Medicine Ball Slams with Squat Jumps: Partner up! One person slams a medicine ball (heavy weight) to the ground, other person catches and immediately performs a squat jump. Switch roles after 20 seconds each.

Mountain Climbers with Rotational Press: Start in high plank, alternate knees driving towards chest, while simultaneously twisting torso and pressing an imaginary weight overhead (use light dumbbells for resistance if desired). Maintain core engagement and focus on explosive movements.

Round 4: Finisher

AMRAP Deadlift Ladder: Start with your max deadlift weight for 1 rep, then drop the weight by 10% and perform 2 reps, continue dropping weight and adding reps until you reach failure. Rest for 60 seconds and repeat the ladder in reverse order.

Cool-down (5 minutes):

  • Light cardio for 5 minutes.
  • Static stretches for major muscle groups, hold each stretch for 30 seconds.

Here’s a rough estimate of the calorie burn for this workout:

  • For someone weighing 150 lbs: Around 500-600 calories
  • For someone weighing 180 lbs: Around 600-700 calories
  • For someone weighing 200 lbs or more: Around 700-800 calories

Remember, these are just estimates, and your actual burn could be higher or lower. The key is to focus on pushing yourself safely and effectively during the workout, and the calorie burn will take care of itself!

Progression and Notes:

  • Choose weights challenging you during the last 1-2 reps of each set.
  • Focus on explosive movements and perfect form throughout.
  • Rest for 60-90 seconds between rounds if needed.
  • Feel free to substitute exercises with similar ones targeting the same muscle groups.
  • Listen to your body and take breaks when necessary.
  • This is an advanced workout, proper warm-up and recovery are crucial.

Remember, consistency and progressive overload are key to strength gains. Keep pushing yourself, and you’ll reach your goals in no time!

Let us know how it goes!

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